We’re not just called Living Room because we sell inviting, comfortable furniture that looks and feels sensational in your living room. Although we do.
Yes, we offer an array of original, sexy, finely wrought items, including tables, chairs, couches, beds, table and floor lamps, rugs, accessories and art. Most of our furnishings and decorative items are custom-made locally, though we also carry a number of vintage pieces – as well as some distinctive imports (none of which are assembled in sweatshops).
But we’re also called Living Room for more personal reasons.
Because we’re dedicated to helping you create or refine spaces you can really live in – spaces that reflect your values, your vibe and your vision.
Because our shop reflects who we are, and when you walk in we want you to feel like a guest, not just a customer.
Know exactly what kind of coffee table you want? We’ll go the extra mile to help you find it. Need a sofa but don’t have a clue where to start? Let’s brainstorm. Just want to browse for a lamp and/or say hi? Don’t be shy.
We’re proud members of the Silver Lake community, which reflects the warmth, authenticity and creativity we strive to bring to our business. But we serve a much larger community: Our customers come from as nearby as Los Feliz, Echo Park, downtown Los Angeles and Hollywood – and as far off as Pasadena, Santa Monica, Malibu and San Diego.
That exquisite, comfy chair you’ve been admiring? It’s for sitting. So take a load off. If we can, we’ll join you for a chat.

After all, it’s your Living Room too.

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~from sunset with love

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