Living Room is family-owned, neighborhood-friendly, super comfortable, and lots of fun to be around. We offer a collection of vintage and new home decor goods, as well as outstanding original furniture made right here in Los Angeles, just a hop, skip, and a jump from our shop. With our undeniable soft spot for custom-crafted pieces made from repurposed, reclaimed materials, you'll never find landfill quality furniture or questionable imports in our collection. We promise. Scout's honor. 

Living Room especially loves mid-century design, but we also carry Industrial, classic, and collectible pieces. An Eames chair here, an iron drafting table there, a Paul McCobb sideboard in between the two. What matters to us most is offering you furniture with soul. And that delicious soul finding a place in your very own home, your very own living room.

Family owned & operated since 2006.

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~from sunset with love

Events & More

  1. Too Many Lincolns: A Monumental Group Art Show Alix Melendrez 29-Jan-2018
  2. NELA Art Walk June 2017 Alix Melendrez 05-Jun-2017
  3. October NELA at Living Room Alix Melendrez 03-Oct-2016