Too Many Lincolns: A Monumental Group Art Show

Monday, January 29, 2018

Hello everybody, and Happy New Year!

Living Room is super excited about 2018 and all of the creative projects for this coming year. Come check out the showroom to see and sit on some of our newest selections. Get inspired and talk furniture and design. We are here to help. And now.... 

We are super excited to announce our latest art opening!!!
Too Many Lincolns: a Monumental Group Art Show. 5 years in the making

Jon Huck
Chloe Badner
Richard C Walker
Andy Overtoom
Valerio Ventura
Gay Lawrence
Matt Carless
John Bermudez
Aaron Donovan
Milan Aguirre
Dominique Generaux
Hailey Duvall
Clare O'Callaghan
Charlotte Foley
Pet Foley
Jonah Malarsky
Abby Schachner
Peter Rindelaub
Maura Rindelaub
Mathew Weinberg
David Shook
Alissa Arunarsirakul
Ken Christianson
Kerry Vitiello
Peter Robbins
Andy Moreta
Joe Atlas
Steve Olsen
Ryan Snow
Robin Fuqua

Live music by:

Precious Metal
Naked Hand Dance
Wild Side

Today at the showroom

Friday, March 04, 2011